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1. What you get when you call/meet us?

Clarity on the project scope, feasibility, cost and time estimate before.

2. Does size of project matter?

Size does not matter however scope of work and value matters.

3. Do we take up low budget projects?

The budget of all projects depend on the scope of work, type of finishes and timeline, if we feel it's worth spending our time on the project and we can create value we shall take up the project.

4. Do we take up fast track projects?

We love working on fast track projects along with a sensible and understanding team.

5. How do we charge?

We charge based on time and resources spent on a particular project. We also take into consideration the project timeline, location of project, complexity and level of detailing needed on a case by case basis.

6. How many projects we work on simultaneously?

We ensure we don't overload our resources however we keep the number of projects good enough to keep us busy without losing attention for any of our clients.

7. How much time we spend on each project?

Different projects demand different type of approach and focus. We always make it clear to the client during our first meeting on the time we will be spending and our involvement across the project schedule.

8. What we expect from our clients?

We expect clients to trust our skills/experience and be open with us on the project scope, budget and timelines. This will help us to decide the appropriate process/approach which will lead to a deliver a successful project.

9. What our clients can expect from us?

Once the client gives us all the required details we can give clarity on what is feasible and what are the various solutions we can provide based on the project size, scale, cost, etc.

10. Do we take up outstation projects?

Yes, we do once again project scope and value matters.

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